• Surveying
    • Observation
    • Powerline & Pipeline Patrol
    • Sightseeing
    • Litigation Support
    • Field Drying
    • Frost Prevention
    • Cargo Transportation
    • Flight Instruction   (Learn More)
      • Private Pilot
      • Commercial Pilot (primary & add-on)
      • MD500 Recurrent Training (ground & flight)
      • Turbine Transition
      • Certified Flight Instructor

Aircraft (incl flight instruction)

$1500 per hour


Ground School:

$200 per hour


Demonstration flight (30 mins):

$600 per flight

All rates include the aircraft, pilot, and fuel. Rates do not vary by the number of passengers/crew or cargo carried. Flight time is rounded up to the nearest tenth of an hour with a 1 hour minimum (except for demo flights). Payment is due at the conclusion of the flight, larger jobs may require a deposit in advance.  Credit card purchases will include a 5% surcharge, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Amex. Customer initiated cancellations (except for WX) within 24 hours of flight time will result in cancellation charge of 100% of the planned flight. Prices are subject to change at any time and without notice. Camera mounts are additional, and are quoted on a per job basis. Custom fabricated components developed for clients remain the property of Bussmann Aviation. Gift certificates are available for any occasion, please call 703.281.9355 for details!

    • High skids for off-airport operations
    • Executive interior, soundproofing & carpet
    • VOX operated intercom system
    • Range: 250 miles
    • Easily removable rear seats, doors and windows
    • Redundant moving map GPS nav systems
    • On board real-time weather including NEXRAD radar
    • Seats four: Up to 3 passengers plus pilot
    • Cargo capacity: 460 lbs
    • Bi-lingual pilots available (Spanish/English)
    • Field service & fuel trailer for extended off-airport operations
    • Gyro stabilized camera mounts (print, film & video) in-house
    • Cineflex HD, FSI Ultramedia SD and WESCAM SD camera systems available.
    • UHF/VHF capable: VHF: 138-174MHz, UHF: 403-512 MHz (ground crew walkie talkies available in-house)
    • Gift Certificates available!
    • Dual use restricted/standard airworthiness certificate. We can custom fabricate antenna and camera mounts for your R&D needs.
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